The exposed casting of an exploited teen

A casting can be seen in many ways, and frankly this young woman didn't know she was in a pornographic studio. Under the cover of this company, it is a private bank, and it is there to apply for a loan. The casting is fascinating and the scenes are real.

How much is a porn casting worth?

Of course, it doesn't cost anything, but it doesn't bring you money right away either. Nevertheless, the work of a sex star is largely profitable than other jobs. This video was sent to me by a friend who works in the fake bank. My colleague tells me that he always registers his office for security reasons, because he always handles money. However, he did not expect one of these recordings to capture the moment when a gorgeous brunette admitted that he would be quite willing to do anything as long as he lent him the $70,000, he needed for a loan.

First of all, this fantastic exposed casting shows us the moment when a very sexy girl was applying for a bank loan through another facet of the sex game. In principle, this does not seem to meet the conditions required for the loan, pushing the banker to close the conversation, but she continues to insist until when it seems that the negotiations are neutral.

How about we set up the loan with a strip-tease move

She says: “There is absolutely no way to lend me money!”. And at that moment, he starts taking off his blouse, revealing his huge bust. Her breasts seemed to want to come out of her bra, and even if Michael tried to calm down, the situation became uncontrollable and ended up fucking her in his office.

The joke cost his company $70,000 in the form of a loan that will be difficult to recover, but honestly, it deserved and was well worth paying them and allowing us on the profit of sex.

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